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SIA “ARD EOLTAS” car repair centre started its activities on the 9th of January, 2005.

You can find the auto centre at: Ganību dambis 45, Rīga

Type of activities: automotive repairs and maintenance.

Nature of activities: diagnostics and repairs of engine, suspension, vehicle electrical parts of passenger cars and freight transport (up to 5 t.), tire service.

Additional services: car washing, interior cleaning, changing of all types of oil, camera wheel geometry alignment, optical headlight adjustment, repair of air conditioning system, tire “hotel” (storage).

Auto repair centre is a modern, two-storey building the total area of which is around 1250 sq. m. consisting from separate premises for work and leisure.

There are 6 hydraulic lifts, wheel alignment stand, suspension, shock absorber and brake testing stands, wheel mounting, wheel balancing machine, car wash and cleaning equipment, optical headlight adjustment stand, air-conditioner filling equipment, computer diagnostics stand and other modern work tools are operating at the auto repair centre.

There are 8 workplaces established in the auto repair centre.

All of the employees have appropriate education and certificates necessary for such activity.
Various innovations are constantly discussed and analysed at the car repair centre, the positive and negative effect on the activities of the centre are assessed. The auto service introduces advanced information systems.

Performed services

Computer diagnostics of vehicles

Not a single car is protected against periodic failures. Malfunctioning of the electronic systems is one of the failures that happen most often. The specialists at our auto service can determine which unit of the vehicle is malfunctioning by connecting the special equipment to the electrical control systems.

Changing of oils and all of the filters

It is of utmost importance to change the engine oil in due time, so that the car’s engine would run flawlessly and for a long time. At EOLTAS service, the engine oil is selected according to the manufacturer’s specifications (when changing oil, the oil filter must be changed as well). Special tools are used for the unscrewing and screwing of the filter or its housing. The used oil is drained by removing an oil drain bolt. When tightening the bolt, we always use new gaskets. After the new oil is poured in the engine, a label of the oil change is attached / hung and the service interval correction on the dashboard is performed.

Changing of timing belts and chains

Most car manufacturers recommend changing the timing belt in an interval between 80 000 and 100 000 kilometres. EOLTAS auto service does not recommend waiting for this limit and change the timing belt a little earlier, because as the vehicle is standing, for example, in a traffic jam, or its heated, the engine keeps running and the timing belt is wearing off. When performing this at our service, we always use special tools for the determination of the timing mark. When replacing the belt, all bearings, tensioners related to it are replaced as well as the water pump. After completing these works, a label is left in the engine compartment, where the date and mileage are recorded.

Ball joints, rubber bushings, arm bushings, tie rods and stabiliser links are replaced

When replacing arm bushings, the suspension control arm or other suspension element, where the arm bushing is installed, is removed. Afterwards, the hydraulic press is used to press out the old part. When pressing in the new arm bushing, the control arm is lubricated so it would be easier to press it in. There were cases, when arm bushings or ball joints were replaced “on the spot” so to speak, .i.e. without the removal of the suspension control arm. In such a case, manual hydraulic presses are used. A key point is the tightening of the arm bushing. When tightening, it is very important to lubricate the bolts and tighten the arm bushing when the car is lowered on the ground, i.e. when the wheels are in their “operating position”.

Changing the shock absorbers, springs and thrust roller bearings

Shock absorber is probably the most important element of suspension that ensures driving comfort and safety. The out of order shock absorbers directly affect the car’s braking distance and also significantly shorten the lifetime of other suspension components. At EOLTAS auto service, the condition of the shock absorbers is checked with a specialised computer stand. When replacing the shock absorbers we follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions. When installing new shock absorbers, we recommend replacing the protective, impact and support rubbers so that the lifetime of the shock absorbers would be prolonged.

Replacement of ball joints and half shafts

When driving and fully turning the steering wheel to one side or another, a grinding sound can be heard – that is a sign that the ball joint is nearing its end. The most common reason for that is a torn protective rubber of the ball joint. Due to this, the oil from the ball joint leaks out, dirt gets in and the moving objects inside the joint start to jam. If the torn rubber is noticed on time, the ball joint can still be saved. In such a case, at the EOLTAS auto service, the ball joint is removed, the dirt and residue of the old oil is washed out with a special agent, a new fixing ring is placed, the ball joint is lubricated with special oil, and a new ball joint rubber is placed and tightened with new fasteners.

Replacement of brake discs / drums and brake pads

At first glance, the procedure of the replacement of brake pads and discs seems quite simple, however, it’s nothing like it seems. The company’s auto service experts have gained considerable experience in this field, so briefly on how this work is done at EOLTAS. First of all, the brake calliper is removed and afterwards – the brake disc. Before mounting a new brake disc, the hub is cleaned / abraded to ideal smoothness so that during braking, the wobbling in a steering wheel or through a brake pedal could be avoided. After mounting the brake disc, it’s time for the brake pads. There are few important moments here. First of all, the frame of the brake calliper is cleaned thoroughly, the guide pins are lubricated with a special lubricant, the calliper piston rubbers are checked for tears and if the piston itself is not rusty and only then the new brake pads are mounted.

Replacement of brake hoses

Originally, the car manufacturers install metal brake tubes, so the main reason for failure is corrosion. At EOLTAS these tubes are exchanged with copper tubes, which have a longer lifespan.

Maintenance / repair of the air conditioning system

We perform the filling of the air conditioner system using modern equipment. First of all, the automated station extracts the old refrigerant, later the system is insulated and then the system is filled with an appropriate amount of refrigerant. If necessary, we may fill the system with UV paint, so it would be easier to determine the leakage of the refrigerant.

Other works performed at the service

– Replacement of timing belts and alternator belts, bearings and tensioners
– Replacement of coolant pumps
– Replacement of spark plugs and glow plugs
– Changing of exhaust and intake manifold gaskets
– Replacement of engine mountings
– Replacement of suspension control arms
– Replacement of wheel bearings
– Checking and alignment of wheel geometry
– Full restoration of brake callipers
– Repair of the hand brake
– Changing of the brake fluid
– Search and elimination of leakage
– Replacement of air conditioner pumps
– We issue certificates of wheel and wheel axle layout (wheel geometry) for technical examination companies
– We issue reports on defective cars

Car service working hours

I-V: 8.30 – 19.00
VI: not working
VII: not working

Address: Riga, Ganību dambis 45

Phone for inquiry:

AutoServiss: +37167519739
Nauris Liepinš: +37122336737

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